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Santa Claus

Santa Claus: A crazy nursing story.

Santa Claus

So, I had a patient I’ll call him John. He was a big guy, probably 6’2 and maybe around 260, but he was the sweetest man. Just like a big grizzly bear. He had gray balding hair and a white beard and could pass for Santa Claus for sure. When he came to the home he hardly ever left his room. It is a big adjustment for most people. I’d go into his room every morning that I worked and give him a hard time. He would moan and groan but he would get up. I would try to make him laugh, he would in turn give me a hard time. When I switched to another shift I arrived maybe a few mins behind schedule one night.

I try to get a report from the leaving nurse. But one of the other workers comes up and says, ‘hey something is wrong with John.’ So I go down there to his room. I walk into his room and he is not acting himself and he is agitated. I do a quick assessment and pull my cell phone out and call 911. The 911 operator says that they are coming and I hang up the phone. I had the other nurse keep an eye on him while I get his paperwork together.

Now this is before we had covid in the building and they were talking about a shut down. Most businesses were already closing early. Five minutes rolled by and I’m impatiently waiting by the front door when I see the fireman pull up. One guy gets out and comes to the door , and says, ‘what do you want?’, I swear I lost it.

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I said, “what the fuck you mean ‘what do I want?’ I want you to do your fucking job and get in here and take my patient to the hospital, have you lost your fucking mind, do you think I called you guys for my health?’ and I turned my head to the side, he said, I’ll be right back. Two mins later in full PPE four guys showed up and I let them in, they loaded John up and he waved at me as he rolled by, but John was gone two hours later.

That patient dying was a slap in the face, and those guys should be ashamed, now I’m not saying that he would have survived but he would have had a better chance. I really think though that he was our first Covid patient because it wasn’t two days later that our facility was turned upside down.



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