3 Ways to Organize Your Craft Room

Three Ways to Organize Your Craft Room.

If your craft area/room is anything like mine it’s always a mess. Any time I complete a project I have to put it back together again. It doesn’t matter which area I’m working in I have everything out and brought around the room. I have some tips on how I try to keep my area organized. So here are three ways to organize your craft room.

Ways to Organize Your Craft Room

1. If you have tons of fabric, like I do, you can get cardboard measuring 6 X 10 inches and after ironing the fabric I wrap it around the cardboard and secure it with a rubber band. Then I organize it by color and store the bundles in an eggcrate.

2. I bought two of these Thread holders for all my thread. They will hold 32 spools of thread Which helped free up some space.

3. I love painting and I have paint bottle probably in to many places. So, I got these plastic holders for my paint and it holds a lot of my paint bottles it also freed up some space and I can see all my colors. I bought 2 of these.

Hope this helps you get a little more perspective on ways to organize your craft room. Happy travels.

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