Harassment Part 1


I just decided that I wasn’t going to engage with this person. I would answer her but just answer her questions. It just made things worse, she was going to control every aspect of my day one way or another. She would walk by my desk over 50 times during my shift saying sly comments and then kept walking. She would turn the tv that was near my desk on some elevator music, turn it up as loud as it would go, and then sit at one of the dinning tables and stare at me for hours. This is just some of the things she would do to try and provoke me. I wouldn’t react to her actions.


Then one morning she opened the front door for me as I was getting to work and said “ your welcome” very rudely and it wasn’t a friendly remark. I didn’t say anything. I just clocked in and went to my desk. Not thirty minutes later she was at my desk and said “I need all your patients that are on antibiotics.” I said , “I don’t know that information I’ll have to look it up” I hadn’t been there in a over 4 days and hadn’t had time to look at anything just yet. she said, “yes! you do you just don’t want to tell me. “ I didn’t say anything “look I’m going to write you up, and you’ll get suspended “ I still didn’t say anything.

She kept on harassing me and trying to provoke me. Then I hear another worker say, “Stop badgering her and leave her alone.” Then all her rage was focused on this worker. They exchanged some words and the supervisor left. I knew somehow this was going to be turned around on me.

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Thirty minutes later I get a text message from my boss that says “what’s going on up there? I’m getting reports that your refusing to give report?” Getting reports? I wonder whom from? I text back , “no I didn’t refuse, I was being screamed at, and it was witnessed” Also she didn’t even ask any other nurse that was working for report or who was on antibiotics just me.

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My boss asked, who saw it, what happened. what’s really going on? I gave the information to my boss, I found out later that after our interaction at the front door this supervisor went outside smoked a cigarette and then came back in the building and started in at me. So she planned it? That doesn’t make me feel any better.. So I’m still not sure what’s going to happen. Do they believe me? They didn’t believe me before? They have called every worker in and questioned everyone from what I can gather. Just hope everyone is honest. I haven’t said anything about what she was doing to me. Why would I? I was demoted before, now what are they going to do to me? I’m not even sure if I should publish this article. Guess we will see??