Life Lessons

Life Lessons

You know at my age you would think I would have some things figured out, but you would be wrong. I feel I was so much smarter in high school than I am now. I mean my trust level was even higher than it is right now. Sometimes I can’t figure out relationships to save my own life. I mean I do try but my friends say, “Stop being a doormat”.

Honestly, I don’t think that trusting someone is being a doormat. I guess I need to stop trusting what people say they are going to do. Usually it’s not the truth, from my experience. One of those life lessons I suppose. Me being a nurse you would think I would have some psychology down by now but when it’s my own feelings I become lost. I trust when I shouldn’t, I give to much of myself and my time and money, only to be let down, I just think that maybe it’s time to do some soul searching. Maybe figure out some boundaries that people won’t step over. Stay away from the excitement of something or someone new and just stay to myself. I know I would save a whole lot of money and heartache. I guess we will see or I will I should say…..

A comment on this post, only one, and it said “really?” Well, yes, really! I’m gonna stick to myself and figure out what’s really important to me. I’m going to stop worrying so much what other’s need and find out what I need. I have taking care of so many people over the years I believe that I’m just going to take care of myself and do everything that’s on my bucket list for a change. The narrative will be “what do I want to do this week?”. Have a great one and a blessed one.

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  1. Thanks for liking my post, Patty! Yes, it is time to take care of yourself! I’m in my sixties and just beginning to figure things out too.

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