The Elderly

The Elderly
The Elderly

I always thought I would grow old with someone, but I‘m guessing I was wrong. I always wanted to take care of my partner the way she took care of me. We would laugh at our bodies falling apart and spend holidays fixing things around the house. I guess that would be a dream that probably isn’t going to come true. I’m okay with that.

You know the elderly has always been fun to work around. They say what they mean and they mean what they say. They have so much knowledge and wisdom. And they have the best stories and wonderful history lessons. They also don’t care if they are hurting others feelings with the truth. They will tell you that new haircut you just got looks like shit when you first get to work, after everyone else has told you that you look great. That’s probably the one single thing I enjoy the most about the elderly. Their honesty. They are hilarious when it comes to being truthful. They don’t care if they fit in with the crowd.

I’m guessing that I probably have been around them so long that their honesty is rubbing off and not everyone is so approving of honest statements. People really don’t like honesty, even thought they say they do. They really don’t want to know that yes, you are fat and look terrible in that outfit. No that really don’t want to know that I really am side hugging you because I don’t want your hands to touch me. I guess I need to tone it down some,I think.

The Elderly, young couple smiling

I’m not so sure about the dating scene nowadays either. I’m starting to think that everyone is crazy. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s fun as hell, but it’s very strange and sometimes nerve racking and a little scary. I mean does everyone use these apps? Swiping to the left or right should be a second job. Shouldn’t it? Also does anyone ever actually talk on the phone or it’s just texting all the time?

Just some thoughts this. AM. Probably need to take a course on how to date in today’s time, I think. I guess I’ll see if I can find a class. Have a great Monday everyone.


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  2. Is there a right way to date? There is no time for dating with all the things you do. These blogs are great. You know what, elderly people are fantastic. They keep you on your toes and never say it’s too quiet around them. Oh hell, the honesty in them is kind of like that of a 3 year old. I’ve always said kids and elderly say the damndest things! Have a blessed one yourself.

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