Update: Harassment


An update on my last “Harassment” post.

So after my altercation with said supervisor the higher management decided to look closer at the issue and suspended the supervisor until their investigation was completed. She then yelled and screamed at the higher manager and threaten to sue him. She also stated she would not be back. They still did their investigation. It took them two weeks and they called me in and questioned me for 20 minutes. I told them that I felt that she was harassing me and they asked “how.”

If someone sat in front of your desk for hours just staring at you would you feel uncomfortable? Is that not harassing someone? And is turning up a tv that is adjacent to your desk so loud you can’t hear someone on your phone? Is that harassment? Is walking by someone’s desk one hundred plus times in a four hour period and make comments as they walk by, is that harassment? What proof did I have?

They called every person that was in the building on those days she was there. I’m really not sure why they didn’t do this the first time. I mean if they would of done this to begin with I wouldn’t of been harassed in the first place, but I’m not going to linger in the past. Upper management found that she was on some level of harassing me and fired her.

I had already lost my promotion and resumed the same slot that I was working before. I was probably looked at by management as a trouble maker after that incident. They weren’t going to make things right with me. So I try to stay to myself and I’m pretty good at that. I decided to just “ stay in my own lane” as they say. My patients are all I care about anyway, as long as they are good I’m good. Have a good one.

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