Slipping and Slidding

Slipping and Sliding:

Slipping and Slidding
Slipping and Sliding

I was scheduled to work today and the roads due to sleeting rain were bad. As a nurse you don’t get snow days. You can’t just call in because you can’t get to your car without falling due to the ice rink that is below your feet. Oh no they would just laugh and say, “well, just get here. However long it takes.”

So I called the job and asked, “Can someone come get me?” They said “sure.” I was doing a 2-10 shift and I wouldn’t get off till after 10 at least. Again in Texas it doesn’t snow it’s usually just ice, but when the sun comes out it melts just a little bit so when it gets dark it refreezes. Making the trip home even more dangerous than when you left for work. We made it to work. After our trip to work and seeing all the cars pulled up on the side of the roadways on the way there I’m glad we made it safe.

At the end of my shift I tried to take my trash out, but only made half way when it started to sleet. It was getting to where I couldn’t even walk but just slide every few inches. So I thought it best to say, “Screw this shit, I’m not breaking my neck” and I turned around.

My friend was able to take me home. She only lived a few minutes down the road from my house. So she didn’t have to travel far after dropping me off. Getting into her car was an ordeal, we slipped and slid. I had one foot in the car and almost did the splits trying to get the other foot in. The roads weren’t to bad as long as you went slow. So we made it to my house and pull up in the driveway. I see the ice rink I would have to walk thru to get to my door. I look at her and she looks at me. She says, “I’m gonna get out and help you.”

Now I’m nervous because I just almost did a split and it was not pretty. She attempts to walk around the car and had a better footing than I did. Thank goodness she park next to the low hanging cedar tree in my front yard. I get up this small embankment and she is there trying to help, but I’m slipping and sliding back down the embankment. Then I got ahold of the tree, she has ahold of me and the tree, and we are both laughing so hard. The tree is slapping us in the face, I’m turned around, she is facing another direction besides to my front door, and neither one of us has a good footing. We both can’t stop laughing and slipping and sliding.

Thanks to the tree we made it to some grass and I was able to make to my door. Now she had to make it back to her car? I’m glad she had better shoes on than I did because she made it back to her car without a scratch. I think walking to our cars was more dangerous than the actual drive. Glad to be home.

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