To Loss

To Loss
To Loss

Some of us become adults,

within our closest relationships.

It’s soft tension bent our attitudes,

they framed our values.

No one knows the weight of our love,

until it’s release.

Then tomorrow the sun rises and then sets,

and then tomorrow

and then tomorrow.

Day by day you still go on,

but it’s a different life,

more hostile, unkind, and insecure.

Is it because you know it will never return to the same?

You absorb the meaning of forever slowly,

like a creek losing its source.

Your identity is linked to what you have lost,

your family,

your best friend,

your so-called forever.

A new soul emerges out of the dark;

less trusting, less loving, or just one less?

But you continue…..

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One thought on “To Loss

  1. I lost my dad two and a half years ago. The memories remain, but it is kinda hard to go on without him. I see him in my dreams, and I remember him. I liked your words about forever and feeling its force, because I do have to keep coming to terms with the fact that I won’t see him again.

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