The Ice Storm

The Ice Storm
The ice storm


About a week ago we had an ice storm. And if you read my post it was really hard trying to get from my door to my car. What I didn’t tell you was the morning after my dance with my pine tree in my front yard I was getting ready to leave. Getting to my car that morning wasn’t so bad. But getting the four inch’s of ice off of the hood and front glass was terrible. It took me almost an hour of scraping and chipping away at this huge block that was my car.

After I finally get out from the block I head to work. The roads were not bad and I arrive at work unharmed. I park in my usual spot in front of the building. But when I get out there is ice everywhere. From my car to the front door it’s just one big block of ice. The parking in the front of the building has a grassy medium between the parking spots and the awning that covers the walkway to the front door. This awning serves as a dropping off point for residents. Because it shields them from the weather when we have to load or unload patients. The medium that separates the awning and the parking has bushes and trees, I’m guessing for curb appeal.

Now I have to get out my car, attempt to get across the parking spot, over the medium that’s an ice rink, and thru the bushes and trees without falling into the mud of ice that is the medium. I get halfway across the empty parking spot and slide downward around 4 feet in opposite direction. I’m shocked I didn’t fall over but I make it back to the curb finally without falling. I was able to have a little grip with part of the dry curb. Now I’m stuck I can’t go back and I can’t go forward and I’m loosing my balance with my backpack throwing me off balance.

Then I hear a resident scream, “I’m coming Patty, I’ll help you” I see my knight in shinny wheelchair. He makes his way across the awning and then he backs his wheelchair up across the grassy medium to where I am standing and says, “okay now grab my handle bars.” I grab his handle bars and he drags me across the medium to where it isn’t icy and I’m able to walk freely. This was probably twenty minutes that it took for me to get from my car to the front door. I was so thankful for my knight. He saved me from falling. I love my residents.

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