Crowds Are Not an Option

Crowds Are Not an Option


So I don’t do crowd. Crowds are not an option for me. I’ll explain why this is, I have witnessed some strange things while being in a large crowd. Let me give an example. Myself, my daughter, who was 11 at that time, and a friend went to a Major League Baseball game and had pretty good seats in between first base and home plate. This was my daughter’s first game and she was so excited, I have always enjoyed going to a major league game. They are a lot more fun than just watching on the television screen.

Then Near the third or forth inning a player knocks a ball into the seats that are above us that are 2-3 stories up and a fan reach’s for it but looses his balance. He dives head first into some kids that were seated below him. My daughter was beside herself and vowed to never go to another game. Several people were injured including small kids. Yea my friend watched my daughter while I ran up to see if I could help and by the time I got back my daughter was ready to go. She didn’t want to finish the game. Not that I blame her in the least. I was horrified to see that fall in person. It was like watching a slow motion film.

Crowds Are Not an Option

Now going to Walmart when it’s crowded isn’t a good thing either. I’ll give u another example. So trying to finish up on some holiday wrapping I pull into the parking lot at our local Walmart just to get some wrapping paper. When I pull in a huge white Doolie truck races by hits a worker trying to get carts into the building and drives off. The worker goes flying into the air along with all the shopping carts. He was shook up, had a broke arm, and understandably upset. Who was the only one to see this, you guess it, moi.

So what turns from fifteen minutes just to get wrapping paper turns into an hour and half long hit and run report that I may have to be called as a witness case in the near future. I’m guessing the good Lord puts me where he wants me. I never got a call back from the police and I don’t think they catch the guy. So I have more examples but we will save those for another day.


6 thoughts on “Crowds Are Not an Option

  1. Maybe you’ll do better volunteering for the first moon colony if it starts with 10 people. But if they have a baseball game and jump too high it could be a problem, and who knows what happens when you hit a ball in 1/6 gravity. On the other hand you’d have to come back before they put a Walmart there. Another option is from that Twilight Zone episode where a guy who loves to read is the only one left on Earth and is delighted to see all the books from the Library scattered about until he breaks his glasses. So just bring an extra pair of glasses to the bomb shelter before a nuclear war.

  2. Hearing all this incidents is so sad, I wonder how you must have felt in the moment.
    Crowds are a big no for me, partly due to a health condition but mostly for my fear of incidents like this.
    It’s why I don’t go to concerts or other bug crowded events, I don’t want to get hurt and I don’t want to see others get hurt

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