Travel Nursing

My First Contract

Travel Nursing
Travel Nursing

My first contract as a travel nurse is for thirteen weeks. It’s for twelve hours shifts at a hospital. It’s over six hours from my house which I really don’t think that’s too bad. I have decided to go a day early and stop to see an attraction before I do my first few days. That way I’m taking kinda of a small break and not driving all the way through. I’m kinda excited for the change and new environment. Packing for travel nursing- it’s coming along, I have already got my work clothes ready. Now everything else, and I plan on camping that first night, I am probably behind getting everything together. Sure that I’ll make quite a few mistakes, but that’s the only way to really learn.

Travel Nursing

I did however make a camper A.C. for my car. I took a cooler attached a fan to it, and a battery, add some ice and made a swamp cooler, just in case it got to hot. This is Texas and while the rest of the country maybe in winter we here in Texas are already in shorts and flip flops. I think it was in the 80s yesterday. Can you imagine how hot it would be in my car. Besides you never know if I’ll need it, but just in case. I mean people have been known to expire while they were in their car because it was to hot. I tested my swamp cooler, it cools the car to about 58 degrees by itself without the car running. That’s not bad I don’t think. I already know what your thinking, “this girl has way to much time on her hands”. Yea I probably do, but at least I put my free time to good use.

Have a blessed day everyone. I leave in four days. I hope I can meet new people and enjoy myself.


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    1. Awesomeness!! I wish u luck, you know my state test was I think around 100 question on religion and we spend one day on religion in school!! So you never know what’s on that test. So don’t cram the night before and don’t look at anything the morning of. Just get a good nights rest and I wish u all the luck in this world. And I hope you enjoy my stories.

      1. Thanks for the advices.🥹 I really am nervous, but I’ll do my best.

        For sure, I’ll enjoy your stories because I’m interested in getting to know the career opportunities for nurses abroad. Career growth is quite limited here in my country. Just so you know, I’m from Philippines. 🇵🇭

        Hopefully soon enough, I’d also be able to share my future experiences as a nurse in my country.

        I’ll read more of your stories/posts on my spare time. I just have to spend more time studying now.

        See you around. Take care ~

          1. Sadly, healthcare workers are still taken for granted here. Our country produces lots of nurses, but almost all of them would opt to work abroad because of the low compensation.

            I might even work abroad, too, someday if things won’t really change around here. 😅

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