The start of my birthday wasn’t to bad. I’m trying to get everything together and packed, I’m also trying to get my car road ready. While I did get three new tires. I stopped into a hospital to say goodbye (and to see how she was doing) to one of my long term patients before I leave , but on my way back to the house my car started to make a very loud noise. So loud that I had to pull over. I was waiting for this, not the car but something major seems to happen on my birthday every year.

On My birthday I normally don’t leave my house for that reason. I try to work because it keeps me busy. And, I try not to say anything to anyone because I’m not a fan of over the top parties and of course crowds. I had so much to take care of before I leave tomorrow for my travel job that I couldn’t stay home. So now I’m stuck on the side of the road, waiting on a friend to come look at my car. I’m suppose to be in another town for a family baseball game in 10 minutes. I’m not sure if that’s going to happen. I just love birthdays as long as it’s not mine. What a day. Be safe out there and I hope your day is blessed, mine is always blessed.

21 thoughts on “Birthday!!

  1. Somehow your post reminded me of that old Frosty the Snowman cartoon where every time the magic hat was placed on his head he would shout out “Happy Birthday!” Probably just me.

    Happy Birthday!

  2. Hmm, if the day of birth has evolved to be cursed, perhaps you could adopt a different date system. In some Asia countries their age at the instant of birth is year 1 rather than 0 like we have, and in some it’s even more irregular: after birth, their next birthday is celebrated on the next lunar new year even if they were not born on a lunar new year. So actual biological age accuracy is highly variable. Anyway, you could choose a different date for your birthday: maybe the anniversary of the first lemon car, or some multiple of the day of the Big Bang, although I’m not sure if they know it down to the first 24 hours. But just in case you sneeze, may I say, “God bless you.”

    1. That’s sounds great but the day became awesome the car is fixed and my friend showed up and we had a small celebration on the side of the road, then I saw another friend at the grocery store who paid for my groceries she insisted!!

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