Arriving At A New Location

New Location
New Location

My first new location was around six hours from my house. I drove my car and decided to take my time. I would make a pit stop more than half way there and camp for the night in my car. The drive was scenic and peaceful. I came over a hill and seen these huge windmills. They are so large and dare I say beautiful. Just slowly turning all at different speeds. I was in awe really. I stopped in a state operated hunting ground near a large lake. And I only paid 17 dollars for the night. A bonus was that 17 dollars was for the year and they have these areas all over the state of Texas and so if I decide to stay again I won’t have to pay. There was a breeze off the lake and the view was awesome. I left my hatch in the back of the car open.

The area where I stayed had no other cars it was just me. I read a book and dosed off. Around 4 am I woke up to silence. Not just quiet but scary silence. There was no frogs, no crickets, no birds, no sounds of cars in the distance. Then I realized there was no lights off in the distance either. But I went back to sleep pretty quick. What I didn’t know was that about 60 miles away there had been an explosion and it knocked out all the electric for miles and for hours. It scared me so bad that it woke me up. What I don’t understand is that why no sound from the birds, frogs, or crickets?? I mean who knew silence could wake me up like that?

New Location

The next morning I make my way to the new job. I arrive and not sure where I should go so I call my supervisor. She tells me to go in a specific door and speak with the director of nurses. I go in and they show me where to go but she pawns me off on someone else, then again, and for a third time. I’m getting aggravated. Finally I call my super and she apologizes and finds me someone to talk with. They get me a room, I shower, and rest for the few hours that I can before my shift starts.

So apparently the director was being fired when I showed up at the location. Go figure. Another weird thing that happens to me. Things are starting to just roll off my back as they happen. I’ll just add it to my stories I have saved up. The title might be “Showed up at new job, but supervisor was being booted out as I walk in.” Or just “Booted out” , Everyone have a blessed day, be carful and carefree.

9 thoughts on “Arriving At A New Location

  1. That silence does seem scary. It’s like (or almost like?) the birds, frogs, and crickets left the area (because of something wrong or bad) or are hiding. Hoping you continue to be alert and safe.

  2. I’m so glad you made it. We miss you already. Make the best of this opportunity. I know you will be great😍

  3. It’s very exciting and rewarding to start out on a brand new chapter in life like this. I’ve done it myself and it’s a very freeing feeling when you make a change in your life like this. You can, and will, find the real person inside yourself if you give it a chance. It will change you as well. Embrace it all! Best of luck with the new gig!

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