Gadgets You Got To Get For Your Car

Gadgets For Your Car


Ok guys keeping it real, I got to pay the bills. So I’m a huge fan of Amazon and even if I didn’t do affiliate links I still would shop there weekly. I have not gotten as many packages as I use to so I’m getting better at management of my funds. That being said, I just love these gadgets for my car, especially since I’m in my car a lot traveling. Oh I’ll have an update on my traveling soon so keep visiting my site. So here is the first one:

1. Not even sure what this is called.?? But love it!!!

So the first is this little gadget that stops you from dropping things between the seats, which I always do. Who knew I needed this, but It does it’s job.

2. Car vacuum.

Next this car vacuum I use at least once a week or more. Saves me trips to the car wash for sure and since I’m in my car way to much keeps it clean and tidy.

3.Clothes Hanging Rod.

Then I use this car Rod for hanging my clothes up when I’m going long distances. It’s saves me from ironing all the time and it comes with a coupon. Also helps when I’m camping out.

4. Cup Holder with Tray.

This cup holder expander tray helps out a lot. Gives you more space and helps you organize better. I love this gadget only wish I would of thought of it. It’s awesome.

5. Car Trash Can

Finally, this trash can I put in my back seat floorboard and works great. Keeps all those straw packaging out of my floorboard.

So these are my five favorite car gadgets I gotten for my car. When I am traveling these come in handy so much. They either save me time, or give me more space which we all need.

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11 thoughts on “Gadgets You Got To Get For Your Car

  1. Great tips, my lady would love if I got a vacuum, even more if I actually used it. I have one gadget in my car I think may or may not be useful for various situations. I have a invertor in my truck. It inverts DC to AC. I used various types of this device for many decades. Nice post!

  2. Great post, traveling nurses, parents of children, and clumsy batchelors with ME (in other words, me) will find this article very helpful. I’m tempted to repost it, but as helpful as it is, I’m not sure if it fits with my quasi political rants. I know you are super busy, but please keep posting. I’m enjoying your writing.

  3. I have a trash can for my car that hooks around the head rest with velcro straps and LOVE it. Thanks for these tips, I just put the cup holder tray thing on my list!

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