New Endeavor

New Endeavor

I haven’t blogged in over a week. It’s because I have been writing a book. Not a novel or memoir. Just a short book on How to document as a long term care nurse. I’m not even sure what I’ll call this how to book. Maybe how to power chart as a long-term care nurse. Maybe y’all could give me some suggestions. I don’t even know if I’ll try to publish. I have had so many nurse friends ask me how they should document on patients that I decided to write this book. It’s a small endeavor. I’m still working out how it’s going to be structured.

I mean it’s really kind of a legal thing. Everything you do has to be written or documented. Nurses have this saying, “if it’s not documented three times it wasn’t done”. If you have a conversation that effects care, if you find a rash on someone on shower day, if you talk to any family member, patient, doctor, therapist, or nurse practitioner all of it needs a note. I mean we really should have tape recorders. The reason if someone sues you or names you in a law suit your covered.

Now you never know when that will or if it will happen. Almost like the game Russian Rulette. Hope for the best expect the worse and preparing for the inevitable. Probably why I enjoyed working nights, because I don’t have to talk to those people unless something happens. The problem is something is always happening around me.

I have seen so many nurses burned because they didn’t document. I mean the state board will come in and take your license. Were you can never work as a nurse again. It’s really kinda scary. Like a doctor, we as nurses take an oath, and we stand by that oath through our whole lives. It’s engraved in us.

Nurses oath or pledge:

I solemnly pledge myself to the service of humanity and will endeavour to practise my profession with conscience and with dignity.

The total health of my patients will be my first consideration.

I will maintain, by all the means in my power, the honour and noble tradition of my profession.

I will hold in confidence all personal matters coming to my knowledge.

And I will not permit consideration of religion, nationality, race or social standing to intervene between my duty and my patient.

I will maintain the utmost respect for human life.

I make these promises solemnly, freely and upon my honour.

Anyway I thought I would share this new endeavor. And I’ll blog about the dunes next week. Hopefully and I also have some other news.

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8 thoughts on “New Endeavor

  1. For what you’ll call this book: maybe if/when you write more of it or when you finish writing it, maybe then you will know its name or that’s when it might feel like it’s telling you its name.

  2. Sounds like a dilemma. I’ve seen on TV dramas how they do meticulous autopsies: wherever they are (even stuck in an elevator with a decaying body) they turn on a recording device and dictate exactly what they’re doing, what they observe, and tentative conclusions (noting further studies and blood work needed etc.) . I guess for drama purposes they make notes about office gossip (otherwise know as “consultations”), collect odd clues etc.. I have no idea how analogous it is to real life. Maybe your title could be along the lines of “How To Turn Gossip Into Documented Consultations. ” Well no, not exactly. But anyway, some kind of flippant casual title that does indicate the actual purpose.

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