Bad Energy

Bad Energy

Working for six months on a cardiac floor and it was my first time working in a hospital. Being a newbie hospital nurse and having a charge that refused to help and she slept most of the time. The unit was on the fourth floor and we only used the front part of that floor around 12 rooms all together. Every patient was being monitored by a remote cardiac unit they carried in their pocket. That’s when I first encountered some “bad energy.”

There was a patient, she was young maybe around 24 at the time, that was in a room at the very end of the coriander. Now we have been trained that anything could be used as a weapon and to call a code white if you felt threatened in any way. Although this patient was of small stature she was very strong. She became upset over her dinner because it wasn’t what she wanted and she had that “bad energy”. That feeling when you walk into a room and you just feel drained. Like someone hit you in the gut. I got that “bad energy” feeling anytime I walked near her.

So, I tried to fix her dinner to how she wanted it, but then she didn’t like the how the tv was positioned. I tried to fix that. Then it was her pillows. I tried to fix the pillows and went and got new pillows. Nothing that I did helped her mood it only mad her even more angry. Pretty soon I had to have another nurse speak with her. The charge nurse never got up. That made her even more angry. The “bad energy” was everywhere.

Then I’m sitting at the nurse’s station and I hear a big bang! I go down the hall an start walking that way when I see some object come flying out of her door. And I walk up slowly and look around the corner of her door and had to duck, dogging another object. I look back at the nurses station and tell the secretary to call a code white. Over the intercoms I hear, “code white to room xxx. Code white to room xxx.” Not two minutes later four big guys show up. When they walk in the room all hell breaks loose.

The patient looses it. Starts throwing things, four guys are holding her and she still breaks loose and pulls her IV out. Now blood is going everywhere when the doctor shows up. Never in my career of nursing have I seen a doctor start an IV, but the four guys hold her the doctor starts it, and they transport her to our psychiatric unit downstairs. I was so impressed with this doctor. Mind you while all of this was going on my charge never got out of her seat. Not once did she get up to see what was going on.

The doctor came around the corner and said, “who is the charge nurse on this floor?” I gladly pointed in the charges direction, “ are you the charge?” She nodded, that doctor said, “do you think you could get up to help your nurses?” She said , “whatever do you mean?” The doctor said, “is that the best you can do?” She looked at me and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll be talking to the hospital administrator!” I nodded, the next week she was gone.

I was relieved to say the least. I was scared to death being a newbie and had no resource to ask if I did need help. And I think that’s what a good charge provides is a way for you to ask for guidance when you need it, if they are a good charge they guide you, inform you and lead you. So props to all those wonderful charges I have had in my years as a nurse. I wouldn’t be a good nurse without you guys. Thank you.

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11 thoughts on “Bad Energy

  1. Thanks – I read your post with interest. I’m curious to know why you think your charge nurse showed no interest in helping. Presumably at one point she was motivated to take up nursing as a career/vocation – where and why do you think that changed?

    1. To sit at a desk and not move when you can clearly see other employees are struggling is a violation of the of the oath you took when u received ur license. Also want to say that maybe she didn’t want to be a nurse anymore and just didn’t know how to live any other way I can’t speak for others all I can do is wish them well and I hope she found some peace.

  2. When I was a CCU patient the code was “Mr. Strong.” I totally hear you about that bad energy, it’s something you can feel, like the weather. Also want to say that the nurses and nursing techs really got me through that CCU experience — including the 3 a.m. conversations. You folks rock.

  3. She’s a very irresponsible charge nurse. I’m glad she’s out. I hope they’ll replace her with a better nurse.

    I bet the doctor was trained well during his premed or med proper. Not all doctor can do IV insertion skillfully.

  4. My word. I’ve been attacked by a delirious patient before and had to go home, but this is next level!

    And I’m glad that charge is gone. She doesn’t deserve the title, and definitely not the job!

    I hope you’re alright 👍

  5. Wow. That sounds so scary! My mom was charge nurse for womens surgical at a local hospital but she had worked in other departments during her long career. I’m not sure she ever had an experience like that! Once she delivered a preemie by herself cos the mom was on bedrest and the baby came before any doc could get there, but never had to deal with violence or blood spurting. She would have hated that! Stay safe, whew!

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