What Is This, Please?

What is this? Not a star or a star? I posted this video because it shows how far away the object is and the gate is a back gate if the hospital.
This video it looks like it is moving but it’s just my hand shacking.

I’m outside on my break at work and notice this star, but it’s bigger than a star I have ever seen. It has colors, but it’s not moving so it couldn’t be a plane. No sound, so definitely not an airplane. Ok, what could it possibly be then? I’m pretty smart but if u look at the video I took of it and really look at it up close it’s doing strange things, maybe a weather ballon? I don’t know you decided…..tell me what you come up with….I’m curious to know what you think?

What is this? UFO?

I saw this object one night and videoed it. Then the next night I saw a similar object again, but was only in the sky maybe an hour and was in a different area and disappeared an hour after I spotted the object. Also I have tried to post this several times and the video’s just would not load. Hopefully they will load today and stay loaded.

20 thoughts on “What Is This, Please?

  1. There was recently a night (6/21) where you could view planets. I had taken pics of them but they are blurry because I am not very sturdy so they look like they are moving. But it was about a month ago and I could see three bright what looked like stars in the sky. One of the three was very tiny and hard to see. If I could I would add the pics I took and that was on June 21st. Maybe you were seeing those?

  2. There are several planetarium apps you can put on your phone for free that will show you an augmented view “through” your phone if you point it at the sky – they show you labelled stars, planets, constellations and so on.

    If it’s not moving, and a solid light, more than likely a planet. Some of the closer planets can be incredibly bright when lit at the right angle by the sun.

  3. I do not know. If that is an extraterrestrial, I’m considering what if it noticed you and was wondering what or who you are, and (if the extraterrestrial has followers/friends), what if it’s asking them for their input. Fascinating.

      1. Sorry for that. The part of me that’s watched a lot of science fiction and psychological horror thriller movies influenced my answer. I’ll try to be more careful when I comment.

  4. You can occasionally see the International Space Station if it is overhead just before sunrise or just after sunset, but it moves pretty quickly accross the sky. But, from looking at the videos, I doubt that it the ISS. You have a good question there and hopefully someone can solve the puzzle.

  5. There is one frame in the second video where it looks clearly like a missile or drone — long with little wings in several places and then it goes blurry again. It’s one second of clarity. I’ve seen small amateur drones that average people can buy that can hover and stay at one spot without moving. Who knows what advanced government drones can do.

  6. I am so intrigued, so which direction were you facing? Actually, there is an app I have on my phone called STELLARIUM and that gives the complete line-up of what is in the sky each evening the app was free! When you have made more enquiries, please let me know.

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