Energy Field

Energy Field
Energy Field

Sorry I haven’t written a story in a few weeks. We have Covid in our building I’m working in and really my energy has been off. So I have been working a lot on my energy field and trying to get the right energy around me. That includes the people around me that I interact with on a daily basis. It’s amazing that when I started working on my energy people that give off what I call “bad energy” seem to just drop off or leave. I decided that I wasn’t going to allow people to bring my energy level down any longer. I was done with people stealing my good energy to supply their bad energy. So I decided that I would put up boundaries with people that used me for my good energy.

It’s been hard, people you think you can trust turn out to be the very ones stealing your energy. It has taken me so long to get rid of all the negativity in my life that I can usually spot bad energy pretty quick. Some people like to hide their bad energy till your in to deep with a person. I started this new meditation, which I’ll link down below that has helped me separate the negative from the good energy. You should try it, it’s life changing really.

Arron Doughty has really showed me a lot about changing yourself for the better. He has his own YouTube channel you should check him out. He focuses on healing from the inside out.

The frame technique by Arron Doughty.

11 thoughts on “Energy Field

  1. Welcome back! I’ll check this out, thank you. I have definitely noticed a difference with setting boundaries and being careful who i let in my field. I agree, there are those you think are helpful and here, they’re sapping! Take good care of you! 💙

  2. It’s very liberating once you can get the negative energy out of your life, be it people, places, things, jobs…whatever it is.

    I also think people put too much energy into things beyond their control. Given the state of things it’s too easy to get sucked into that nonsense. You have to be able to put your energy into the things you CAN do something about and that has helped me out.

    Keep fighting the good fight!

  3. Good to hear from you, I missed your posts. Energy theft is a huge challenge. I with you, identify who the thieves are and stay away. Will take a look at the video, thanks for sharing Patty

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