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So I had a pretty rough night at work last night. I mean I have had some pretty crappy nights as a nurse, but last night I had three different patients fall all in the span of six hours. In the geriatric community, a fall is sometimes a death sentence. It is actually one of the leading causes of death in the elderly. It reminded me of another “bad”night I had where I had to do CPR on two different patients in one night.

One night I had a CNA come up to me and say “can you come here please” with a look on her face. I walk into this patient’s room, and sure enough he wasn’t breathing. I wasn’t sure of his code status so I ran back to my desk looked and no paperwork. So I started CPR. Paramedics arrived they worked on him. No luck. He was gone. Later in the shift, this same CNA came up to me and said, “Your not going to believe this but can you come here please!” I looked at her and said, “no, oh ‘em G why?” She said, “no really come here”. This patient wasn’t breathing, I knew her code status. We started CPR, but wasn’t able to bring her back.

Now last night wasn’t as bad as that night was, but three falls in one night wasn’t a good thing. I left the facility that morning feeling pretty down on my self. Which I’m not sure about other nurses, but I reply what I could of done differently or better to prevent a fall.

When I was leaving and walking to my car the sun was just coming up. I tell you words couldn’t describe what colors and how beautiful this sunrise was. One of the most amazing moments with just a walk to my car. It was like God had painted it just for me. I felt uplifted, joyful, and very blessed.

To have helped so many people, to have this gift of nursing, and it was like God was saying it’s okay and that not every day it going to be roses but I got you. Just keep doing what you’re doing the best you can. I just stood at the back of my car and watched for a few moments. I was reenergized and grateful. So enjoy the little things. They are so worth it. (On side note if I hadn’t of had the three falls I would have already been in bed and missed that sunrise.)


22 thoughts on “Sunrise

  1. I’m sorry you had a rough night and can’t imagine what that must be like, but I’m thankful for what you and all other nurses do. I definitely don’t have the mental fortitude for a job like this, and admire those who do. Thank you, ma’am.

  2. I’m glad you were able to see the sunrise as a communication trigger for a meditation with God. A change of scenery as they say but with blessings. I’ve always found sunrises more and more boring except one that had a green streak. I probably would have imaged a scene from the movies — zombies coming over the horizon shouting “we want hamburgers with special rejuvenation sauce, pickles and resuscitation onions and garlic and a jolly jingle voodoo chant with coupons for a free comeback and a Chucky Doll…”

  3. “God had painted it just for me”…
    I think so too. For all that you do and give of yourself, very much deserved… and appreciated too. 🤍🙏

  4. You’re right, it’s the little things that lift us up.
    I’m always in awe of the job you do, I know the toll it takes on you from your posts.
    Thank you for doing what you do for others.

  5. Definitely worth it! How beautiful! I understand how you feel. When I used to work in the ward, it was emotionally draining, physically exhausting and mentally tiring. In the ward where I worked (hip fractures) a lot of them had dementia and would climb out of bed even after an op. Falls alarms everywhere and beds lowered to the ground. Then you get beaten up because they’re either confused or delirious.

    It’s very symbolic, though, the sunrise you saw.. New Day, new challenges, new hope!

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