Abandoned building in shambles

After the first couple patients had contracted Covid and the upper management decided to play ring around the building with every patient. Everyone that was working there was scared shitless. (to put it bluntly). Most of us knew it was coming and we still got up. Day after day, put on our scrubs, and went to work trying to make a difference.

We had two cases in the building, the first two and I was ending my shift, when one of the girls that was working with me during the night came to my desk and said, “Hey I thought you should know, the next shift is standing in the parking lot. They are saying they aren’t going to come into the building.” I said, “What does that even mean??” She said, “Well I think they are going to leave and not clock in!” So I marched out to the parking lot, only one car was there.

They did leave. Six CNAs and one nurse decided it would be a great day to not clock into their shift. Left 90 or so sick and dying patients to fin for themselves. Two other nurses and one CNA for those patients that morning. Until management could find replacements. Which was probably around noon. That’s six hours with two nurses one aide and 90 plus patients with Covid in the building.

Sometimes I wonder about people. I understand that it was just fear, but to leave people that can’t do for themselves was wrong on so many levels and I was furious. I stayed even though I had been there for sixteen hours before their shift started. Now in the state where I was working, it’s not called abandoning unless they clocked into their shift, which they probably knew. So they still got to keep their job, and was not reprimanded. Which makes me even more furious.

I can remember my grandmother telling me many years ago, “Patty, you’d better give out what you want back because when it comes down to it, what goes around comes around” which stuck with me I guess. We that went through long shifts, walk outs, people dropping dead, no supplies, no help in site should be commended and praised. That one CNA that stayed and clocked into her shift I’m grateful for.

Whatever you’re going through just know that it can always be worse, ALWAYS. So be grateful for everything you have even the very tiny things that you’re given. Don’t wrong people or abandon people that have absolutely nothing. It will come back around. Karma is always watching and will have vengeance. That day was a bad day but not to the abandoned people that we stayed and helped, we were their light in a very scary darkness. Be someone’s light today. Have a Blessed day and I hope your someone’s light.


9 thoughts on “Abandoned

  1. Honestly, I understand their fears, but I feel like that’s a part of the job. COVID isn’t the only contagion you’ll encounter in a hospital. Thank you for doing the right thing.

  2. Thank you for your service, taking care of others and putting yourself at risk to do so. You’re a great example of a caring professional, Patty.

  3. I still don’t understand how a Hospital Ship refurbished for COVID patients was brought to New York City, the Javits Convention Center was converted to be a hospital, and there were hospital tents in Central Park, and yet they were underutilized, and the Governor forced nursing homes who were under-equipped to take COVID patients from hospitals. And of course, in the first place, we funded germ warfare research in Wuhan (a.k.a. furin cleavage site modification a.k.a. gain-of-function research). Jeez, even the drug companies patent applications are a tell : they applied for patents on viruses with characteristics of [sorry if I don’t remember the details exactly] : 1. First generation of virus virulent highly lethal. 2. Second generation is less lethal but spreads more easily. 3. Third generation mostly not harmful. This is the idealized model for germ warfare: release on the enemy. Kill and disable and disrupt. And lastly avoid blow-back with the 3rd generation mutation being the thing that comes back at the instigator. Of course that did not happen, but that was the model.

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