Reading a book someone gave me some time ago called, A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson. It talks about love. It also puts into perspective how religion works in her perspective. I agree with most of what this author writes about. “God is love and anything that isn’t love is an illusion.” She says this statement several times in her book.

It got me thinking, which is probably just my strange ego going off the deep end again, for example, if we are all connected and for instance AIDS, (just an example) when we as a collective started to be more accepting or more caring of LGTBQ. When we as a human species come to accept that it just two people that love one another, that’s when AIDS became undetectable.

Think about it. If we as a collective can just respect and love one another the world would heal from the inside out. That we are all one being in the large scale of the earth and cosmos. It’s such a simple concept to wrap your head around. I have realized that most people are attending to their role but instead the need to tend to their soul with love. I guess it’s a radical concept. Things in my life didn’t start to turn around for me until I started caring and accepting myself fully and completely, flaws and all. So please love yourself and your neighbor. Anywho, just my perspective on things at present or just my hope?


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  1. A great post. Marianne Williamson is remarkable. And I think you make a very valid connection between love and AIDS/LGBTQ. I remember Williamson as a long shot presidential candidate some years back, but often imagine what she would bring to that role for your country and its influence on the rest of the world.

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