Thanks To Everyone

Thanks To Everyone

I just wanted to thank everyone for the prayers and support while I have been under the weather. Every like and comment has been a blessing. I am back at work now, but still fighting some lingering symptoms. I think the everlasting headache is the most annoying. Someone told me that that never goes away. I’m praying that isn’t the case. Too soon to tell, I guess. Still having a few body aches and just weakness but the symptoms are better than they were. Just grateful.

It’s getting cold where I am, but had a warm day yesterday. It was nice to just sit on my front porch and soak up some sun with a nice breeze. It’s a very peaceful place where I am working and living at present. Small towns are a blessing sometimes. Not a lot of the busy bustling traffic sounds, which is nice when u don’t feel well. The building where I am working has been hit hard this week. Minus just a few people has escaped a Covid diagnosis that includes employees. You know Covid is still third highest death cause in the country right now. I guess the Covid vaccine or the four vaccines I received kept it at bay for as long as it could. You know sitting on my porch yesterday and I just thought how blessed I am. I have a job that I love, I have good friends, and I might not have a lot of personal possessions, but I really am grateful. So again thanks for all the comments, prayers, and concerns. They are truly amazing.


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