Healing Part 2


Well starting to heal myself I needed to realize that some of the things that happened to me were my fault. I didn’t want to project my wounds onto anyone else. So, I started meditating and going within to figure out why I had self sabotage so much in my life. I starting reading books, taking courses, learning how my mind really did affect the things going on in my life. I was miserable, and healing is not all singing by a campfire and laying on a couch confessing your sins. Healing is headaches from crying so hard and can’t stop, it’s having dry skin on your nose because you’re blowing it from crying. It’s sitting alone in the dark by yourself and having no outlet. It’s not a beautiful process.

I was having so much negative self talk in my head that it manifested into the physical. I knew I had to change my mindset from the negative to the positive. It was so hard. Did you know takes at least 27 days to form or change a habit. That really is a long time, a lot of failures, a lot of restarting. Over and over of starting over in my head. Journaling really helped and save me from time to time. Being mindful of what I was thinking about and changing it from the negative to the positive was really difficult and still is a challenge for me.

So I decided to take a job over seven hours away from all the bad memories and places I didn’t want to remember. At this point I was willing to work anywhere but where I was working and living. You can call it fate, God, or the universe that truly saved me. I took a travel job working seven days on, then seven days off and would drive back and forth.

The Hospital set me up in a room which they paid for I would just need to bring my clothes. So for the next month or two I would drive back and forth. Making the drive gave me time to think. Also the drive was rather scenic and peaceful. The job was amazing. The people that worked there were like family and it was beautiful to see. I had never worked at a place where your coworkers and boss actually gave a shit about how you were doing. Where they were willing to help you succeed. Ever.

The healing that I was doing was making my vibrations higher and people that had ill will against me would just drop off. (That’s how I would describe it). My ex – gone which took some doing to be honest, Friends- that I thought were my friends, but found out otherwise – gone. Even people at the new job seem to “drop off”. I was making more money than I ever had before and it was getting to the point where I would get anxiety to go back that week I was off. The anxiety was so bad that I would hold off some weeks of going back “home”.

Which was just a reminder that I had tons more healing to do, but decided that after my boss offered me a full time position, I would just move near the hospital. I was headed on the right path, things were looking up, but again was I just running from the good memories with the bad ones? Why was I having so much anxiety? I never had anxiety before?

To be continued……..

11 thoughts on “Healing Part 2

  1. My heart feels for you. We are all going through something. It does take “work” to break through the tape recordings in our minds, free ourselves of negative people/forces, believe in ourselves to make a hard move that will change our lives. It’s easy to be a creature of comfort, so BRAVO to you for being brave to pursue a new job, in a new area. It’s scary to leave what we know, even if it is unhappy. We are creatures of comfort. But we cannot grow if we don’t change. I wish you great success! There is a light at the end of the tunnel, if we keep digging, working, marching toward it, we will get there. Wishing you much love and success moving forward!! 💕

  2. A great read, you and I have followed the same path. It’s amazing how you can reprogram your mind.
    I found that it’s not just a process but a lifestyle change.
    Looking forward to the next chapter x

  3. Your taking a travel job sounds like a breakthrough for you, and your doing that (along with your observations and thought process) makes me believe that you will get closer to finding the answers (which might or will probably lead to more questions and/or chances to heal, grow, and improve). Rooting for you Patty.

  4. Have you considered therapy? Art therapy is available some places. It would help you get in touch with your feelings and you could learn why you are so anxious all of a sudden. It could be as simple as the traffic on your commute or as complicated as feeling you don’t deserve such good in your life.

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