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Monday Grind

So tomorrow I going to look for a camper van/camper trailer. I need something that I can either pull with my SUV or a class B motor home. Those are my preferred choices. I’m nervous due to the fact that I have never lived outside of Texas and the unknown of travel nursing. If anyone… Continue reading Monday Grind

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The Backstory

Here's the backstory for all who don’t know me personally or know my backstory. I have been a nurse for almost 20 years since 2006. I have seen a lot in nursing, but Covid was something out of the twilight zone. It was truly a scary movie in person. I share on my blog about… Continue reading The Backstory

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Welcome To

  Welcome to This blog is dedicated to all the healthcare workers that spend more than their fair share of Holiday’s, Birthday’s, Christmas’s, Thanksgiving’s, and many more special occasions taking care of other people’s family members and away from their families. You guys are needed more than you know. I am sharing on this… Continue reading Welcome To