Choosing To Be A Nurse

Choosing To Be A Nurse: Why Do You Want to Be A Nurse? Everyone that becomes a nurse has their reasons for choosing to become a nurse. I can only give you the reasons I became a nurse. I had a few... Before I was a nurse I worked in a small office where they… Continue reading Choosing To Be A Nurse


Mrs. Page On The Dementia Unit

Mrs. Page was also on a Dementia unit. She thought because it look like a hospital that she was there to deliver one of her children. I mean she had seven children. She is what I called pleasantly confused patient. For the most part smiled most of the time didn't give anyone a hard time.… Continue reading Mrs. Page On The Dementia Unit


Quotes That Get Me Through Tough Times

100 Best Books Quotes that help me get through tough times: "Be the change you want to see in this world" - Gandi. "You should be picky with your clothes, your friends, and your time."- unknown. "Happiness is holding someone in your arms and knowing you hold the whole world." - Orhan Parnuk "The happiness… Continue reading Quotes That Get Me Through Tough Times


Be Kind

Please everyone can we be kind to one another? I work 16 hours on Saturday and Sunday. Every nurse I speak with is short staffed at their place of business. Everywhere. That's not just long-term care facilities but hospitals clinics home health. We are doing the best we can with what we have. Please be… Continue reading Be Kind


3 Ways to Organize Your Craft Room

Three Ways to Organize Your Craft Room. If your craft area/room is anything like mine it's always a mess. Any time I complete a project I have to put it back together again. It doesn't matter which area I'm working in I have everything out and brought around the room. I have some tips on… Continue reading 3 Ways to Organize Your Craft Room


How To Choose A Long-term Facility Or Rehab Center

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych on How To Choose A Long-term Facility Or Rehab Center It's a big decision to move a family member into a long-term care/rehab facility. and figuring our how to choose a long-term facility or rehab center can be complicated. There are a few things that you need to decide when… Continue reading How To Choose A Long-term Facility Or Rehab Center


My Hero

My Hero My hero is a story from when I was working on the lock down unit/dementia unit. I took care of an elderly man who was small in stator. He didn't speak any English and when you spoke to him he just looked at you and smiled. Although he was a small man he… Continue reading My Hero

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Mr. Classical

Mr. Classical: Best Nursing Stories. I worked on a Dementia unit for around a year. Those that don't know what that is, it's a unit or hallway that is locked down 24 hours a day. Anyone that is on the unit would have to have a code to get onto the floor and off the… Continue reading Mr. Classical


Watercolors And My Journal

I started watercolors when Covid started because I needed to get some of what I was feeling out. It helped me get through some pretty dark days. I'm not a great artist but it made my emotions more manageable. I have posted just a few pages from a few journals. Hope you enjoy and have… Continue reading Watercolors And My Journal


Him and Her: Part 2

Best nursing stories: Him and Her: Part 2. To view Him and Her: Part 1, please click here. Mrs. Snow just wasn't herself after Mr. Tegg passed away. She didn't leave her room. She refused to eat. Then she refused to get out of her bed. A month rolled but she was so weak that… Continue reading Him and Her: Part 2


The Building-A Mary-Go-Around

Another Nursing Story: The Building-A Mary-Go-Around The Merry-Go-Around. Covid showed itself by giving our patients diarrhea then nausea and vomiting. Our dehydrated patients were easy prey. That first patient was deceased in two hours after she started showing symptoms. I was unable to obtain labs in less than four on a good day, X-rays takes… Continue reading The Building-A Mary-Go-Around


Him and Her Part 1

Another Best Nursing Story: Him and Her Now Mr. Tegg and Mrs. Snow were not married but they did spend every minute they could together under lock down. Mrs. Snow was very quiet and soft spoken, she has had a hard life. She lost her daughter to suicide not six months before covid hit. Her diagnosis'… Continue reading Him and Her Part 1

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Santa Claus

Santa Claus: A crazy nursing story. So, I had a patient I'll call him John. He was a big guy, probably 6'2 and maybe around 260, but he was the sweetest man. Just like a big grizzly bear. He had gray balding hair and a white beard and could pass for Santa Claus for sure.… Continue reading Santa Claus


Another Way Home

Another Way Home: another crazy nursing story Another Way Home Our building was at one time like a huge family. Yes I know that our patients had their own families and friends. But we tried to treat them as our family. After our building, and the country, went on lock down, not all the employees… Continue reading Another Way Home

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Well I'm still under construction but I wanted to share how I got through some of the worse part of covid. It was watercolors. I journal alot, and I used a watercolor journal, small that I could fit into my backpack, I had a tin that I used for breathmints and bought a paint insert… Continue reading Watercolors

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The Backstory

Me Here's the backstory for all who don’t know me personally. I have been a nurse for almost 20 years since 2006. I have seen a lot in nursing, but Covid was something out of the twilight zone. It was truly a scary movie in person. I share on my blog about my life during,… Continue reading The Backstory


Covid: The First Few Days

ALL NAMES ON THIS PAGE (Covid: The First Few Days) OR ANY PAGE ASSOCIATED WITH OR CALLMENURSEPATTY.HOME.BLOG HAVE BEEN CHANGED TO PROTECT THE PRIVACY OF THOSE INVOLVED. Covid: The First Few Days So...I work at a long term care facility, AKA a nursing home. I'm sure you have heard that awful story of those… Continue reading Covid: The First Few Days

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Welcome To

Welcome to This blog is dedicated to all the healthcare workers that spend more than their fair share of Holiday’s, Birthday’s, Christmas’s, Thanksgiving’s, and many more special occasions taking care of other people’s family members and away from their families. You guys are needed more than you know. I am sharing on this blog… Continue reading Welcome To