Many Hobbies

So I have many hobbies. Probably too many hobbies. I try to keep my time occupied but I’m not to much of a tv person. I can sew, paint, (I have done watercolors, oil, and acrylic), collect coins, make books, and design journals. I’m a girl of many hats. One of the hobbies is acrylics.… Continue reading Many Hobbies


3 Ways to Organize Your Craft Room

Three Ways to Organize Your Craft Room. If your craft area/room is anything like mine it's always a mess. Any time I complete a project I have to put it back together again. It doesn't matter which area I'm working in I have everything out and brought around the room. I have some tips on… Continue reading 3 Ways to Organize Your Craft Room

blog · watercolors


Well I'm still under construction but I wanted to share how I got through some of the worse part of covid. It was watercolors. I journal alot, and I used a watercolor journal, small that I could fit into my backpack, I had a tin that I used for breathmints and bought a paint insert… Continue reading Watercolors