So before Covid I worked on an Alzheimer’s unit that was a locked. I took care of a man that apparently worked as a maintenance man at an apartment complex. He had Alzheimer’s and he was probably in the later stages of the disease. He could walk , talk and looked what is concerned “normal”… Continue reading Maintenance


Summer Vacation

So a friend of mine,who is also a nurse, had a procedure done many years prior when her kids were smaller. I guess her kids were old enough to know better but still young enough to get into trouble. Anyway the doctor had given her some pain medication, which made her somewhat loopy. While she… Continue reading Summer Vacation



I have almost a phobia of the eye. There is a reason. As a young child during one summer family reunion picnic I had a small bug zoom into my eye and embed into the white of my eye. Also throughout my life I have had bugs make a bee line straight to my eyes.… Continue reading The EYE


What Is This, Please?

What is this? Not a star or a star? I posted this video because it shows how far away the object is and the gate is a back gate if the hospital. This video it looks like it is moving but it’s just my hand shacking. I’m outside on my break at work and notice… Continue reading What Is This, Please?


Bad Energy

Working for six months on a cardiac floor and it was my first time working in a hospital. Being a newbie hospital nurse and having a charge that refused to help and she slept most of the time. The unit was on the fourth floor and we only used the front part of that floor… Continue reading Bad Energy


When You Become The Patient

Roles Reversed By Patty D. Someone asked me this week, “why are you so positive and have good vibes all the time?” I said, “maybe it’s because nothing is promised and it can be all taken away.” I’m not sure if I have shared this before and I can only tell you how it was… Continue reading When You Become The Patient


The Morgue

This isn’t really a Covid story to say the least. I was working at a hospItal many years before covid. The house supervisor had pulled me off the regular floor that I had been working on and put me down in ER to help out during “rush hour”. I was in triage most of that night… Continue reading The Morgue


New Endeavor

I haven’t blogged in over a week. It’s because I have been writing a book. Not a novel or memoir. Just a short book on How to document as a long term care nurse. I’m not even sure what I’ll call this how to book. Maybe how to power chart as a long-term care nurse.… Continue reading New Endeavor


Another Way Home

Another Way Home: another crazy nursing story Another Way Home Our building was at one time like a huge family. Yes I know that our patients had their own families and friends. But we tried to treat them as our family. After our building, and the country, went on lock down, not all the employees… Continue reading Another Way Home