Thanks To Everyone

I just wanted to thank everyone for the prayers and support while I have been under the weather. Every like and comment has been a blessing. I am back at work now, but still fighting some lingering symptoms. I think the everlasting headache is the most annoying. Someone told me that that never goes away.… Continue reading Thanks To Everyone


Change In The Air

I have been on a healing journey for probably around a year or maybe a bit longer. I realized that a lot of the things that has happened to me in my past was mostly of my own doing. Probably karma. I have learned that because I was hanging on to all the trauma that… Continue reading Change In The Air



After the first couple patients had contracted Covid and the upper management decided to play ring around the building with every patient. Everyone that was working there was scared shitless. (to put it bluntly). Most of us knew it was coming and we still got up. Day after day, put on our scrubs, and went… Continue reading Abandoned



Confession. I really started this blog for I guess selfish reasons. I started it to really let my personal situations get out of my head. More like a journal to my life experiences. After all the people I have lost over the last four years I needed a release from all the sadness that I… Continue reading Confession


Summer Vacation

So a friend of mine,who is also a nurse, had a procedure done many years prior when her kids were smaller. I guess her kids were old enough to know better but still young enough to get into trouble. Anyway the doctor had given her some pain medication, which made her somewhat loopy. While she… Continue reading Summer Vacation



Today my blog is celebrating its first anniversary. Thanks for tuning in, reading up, and listening. It’s been a quite a ride, I know. This blog has been a way to vent, exchange, and get awareness out about health care workers, patients that aren’t seen, and families that weren’t heard before and after Covid. We’re… Continue reading Anniversary


Gun Control

So I was working in long term care after covid started and received a patient that was almost the same age as myself.  She had no kids but was married to a much older man.  I did not care too much for her husband.  He was an older southern white man. And let everyone know… Continue reading Gun Control



I have almost a phobia of the eye. There is a reason. As a young child during one summer family reunion picnic I had a small bug zoom into my eye and embed into the white of my eye. Also throughout my life I have had bugs make a bee line straight to my eyes.… Continue reading The EYE


I CANNOT Do My Job Without CNAs

I have lost 3 CNAs in the past 4 months. It’s been a hard few months. Bailey has been a CNA as long as I have been a nurse. As you may know CNA’s don’t make a lot of money, this one is a work horse and such a sweet person. She is only in… Continue reading I CANNOT Do My Job Without CNAs


When You Become The Patient

Roles Reversed By Patty D. Someone asked me this week, “why are you so positive and have good vibes all the time?” I said, “maybe it’s because nothing is promised and it can be all taken away.” I’m not sure if I have shared this before and I can only tell you how it was… Continue reading When You Become The Patient


The Morgue

This isn’t really a Covid story to say the least. I was working at a hospItal many years before covid. The house supervisor had pulled me off the regular floor that I had been working on and put me down in ER to help out during “rush hour”. I was in triage most of that night… Continue reading The Morgue


Gadgets You Got To Get For Your Car

  Ok guys keeping it real, I got to pay the bills. So I’m a huge fan of Amazon and even if I didn’t do affiliate links I still would shop there weekly. I have not gotten as many packages as I use to so I’m getting better at management of my funds. That being… Continue reading Gadgets You Got To Get For Your Car


The Ice Storm

  About a week ago we had an ice storm. And if you read my post it was really hard trying to get from my door to my car. What I didn’t tell you was the morning after my dance with my pine tree in my front yard I was getting ready to leave. Getting… Continue reading The Ice Storm


Watercolors And My Journal

I started watercolors when Covid started because I needed to get some of what I was feeling out. It helped me get through some pretty dark days. I'm not a great artist but it made my emotions more manageable. I have posted just a few pages from a few journals. Hope you enjoy and have… Continue reading Watercolors And My Journal


Him and Her: Part 2

Best nursing stories: Him and Her: Part 2. To view Him and Her: Part 1, please click here. Mrs. Snow just wasn't herself after Mr. Tegg passed away. She didn't leave her room. She refused to eat. Then she refused to get out of her bed. A month rolled but she was so weak that… Continue reading Him and Her: Part 2


The Building-A Mary-Go-Around

Another Nursing Story: The Building-A Mary-Go-Around The Merry-Go-Around. Covid showed itself by giving our patients diarrhea then nausea and vomiting. Our dehydrated patients were easy prey. That first patient was deceased in two hours after she started showing symptoms. I was unable to obtain labs in less than four on a good day, X-rays takes… Continue reading The Building-A Mary-Go-Around


Him and Her Part 1

Another Best Nursing Story: Him and Her Now Mr. Tegg and Mrs. Snow were not married but they did spend every minute they could together under lock down. Mrs. Snow was very quiet and soft spoken, she has had a hard life. She lost her daughter to suicide not six months before covid hit. Her diagnosis'… Continue reading Him and Her Part 1

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Santa Claus

Santa Claus: A crazy nursing story. So, I had a patient I'll call him John. He was a big guy, probably 6'2 and maybe around 260, but he was the sweetest man. Just like a big grizzly bear. He had gray balding hair and a white beard and could pass for Santa Claus for sure.… Continue reading Santa Claus


Covid: The First Few Days

ALL NAMES ON THIS PAGE (Covid: The First Few Days) OR ANY PAGE ASSOCIATED WITH OR CALLMENURSEPATTY.HOME.BLOG HAVE BEEN CHANGED TO PROTECT THE PRIVACY OF THOSE INVOLVED. Covid: The First Few Days So...I work at a long term care facility, AKA a nursing home. I'm sure you have heard that awful story of those… Continue reading Covid: The First Few Days