I CANNOT Do My Job Without CNAs

I have lost 3 CNAs in the past 4 months. It’s been a hard few months. Bailey has been a CNA as long as I have been a nurse. As you may know CNA’s don’t make a lot of money, this one is a work horse and such a sweet person. She is only in… Continue reading I CANNOT Do My Job Without CNAs


Last Days

  Someone that I work with made me remember a patient I once had. She wasn’t very old, she had breast cancer, and was a nurse. This patient apparently took care of everyone but herself. The cancer was so bad that it was growing on the outside of her body. Then she fell a few… Continue reading Last Days


Part Of Round One

Part of round one.  If you weren't aware, all of our patients were put under strick orders to not leave their rooms. If they did leave the room they had to have a mask. We, the employees, were under strick orders too. We had to wear Goggle's, a mask, a face shield, and a gown… Continue reading Part Of Round One


Lost And Confused

Lost And Confused When did we as a people lose compassion and empathy for our fellow man? When did it turn too we are all in it for one: me, myself, and I? You know I went into nursing because I wanted to make a difference in someone's life, not for money or glam. I… Continue reading Lost And Confused


Late Night Call

One night I get off work from a sixteen hour covid hall work day. I finally arrive home and I climb into my bed. I almost get my eyes closed, then my phone starts to ring. It was a late night call. The girl at the end of the line, 'Hey I'm sorry to bother… Continue reading Late Night Call


Mrs. Page On The Dementia Unit

Mrs. Page was also on a Dementia unit. She thought because it look like a hospital that she was there to deliver one of her children. I mean she had seven children. She is what I called pleasantly confused patient. For the most part smiled most of the time didn't give anyone a hard time.… Continue reading Mrs. Page On The Dementia Unit


My Hero

My Hero My hero is a story from when I was working on the lock down unit/dementia unit. I took care of an elderly man who was small in stator. He didn't speak any English and when you spoke to him he just looked at you and smiled. Although he was a small man he… Continue reading My Hero

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Mr. Classical

Mr. Classical: Best Nursing Stories. I worked on a Dementia unit for around a year. Those that don't know what that is, it's a unit or hallway that is locked down 24 hours a day. Anyone that is on the unit would have to have a code to get onto the floor and off the… Continue reading Mr. Classical


Him and Her: Part 2

Best nursing stories: Him and Her: Part 2. To view Him and Her: Part 1, please click here. Mrs. Snow just wasn't herself after Mr. Tegg passed away. She didn't leave her room. She refused to eat. Then she refused to get out of her bed. A month rolled but she was so weak that… Continue reading Him and Her: Part 2


Him and Her Part 1

Another Best Nursing Story: Him and Her Now Mr. Tegg and Mrs. Snow were not married but they did spend every minute they could together under lock down. Mrs. Snow was very quiet and soft spoken, she has had a hard life. She lost her daughter to suicide not six months before covid hit. Her diagnosis'… Continue reading Him and Her Part 1