Eating What She Wants!

If you did not know, but some people can not eat just anything. I don’t just mean you can have that favorite ice cream because you're on some diet. Some can’t eat solid foods at all and live for years with a tube in their stomachs. The only thing they can have is a liquid… Continue reading Eating What She Wants!


The Morgue

This isn’t really a Covid story to say the least. I was working at a hospItal many years before covid. The house supervisor had pulled me off the regular floor that I had been working on and put me down in ER to help out during “rush hour”. I was in triage most of that night… Continue reading The Morgue


The Ice Storm

  About a week ago we had an ice storm. And if you read my post it was really hard trying to get from my door to my car. What I didn’t tell you was the morning after my dance with my pine tree in my front yard I was getting ready to leave. Getting… Continue reading The Ice Storm


The Building-A Mary-Go-Around

Another Nursing Story: The Building-A Mary-Go-Around The Merry-Go-Around. Covid showed itself by giving our patients diarrhea then nausea and vomiting. Our dehydrated patients were easy prey. That first patient was deceased in two hours after she started showing symptoms. I was unable to obtain labs in less than four on a good day, X-rays takes… Continue reading The Building-A Mary-Go-Around


Another Way Home

Another Way Home: another crazy nursing story Another Way Home Our building was at one time like a huge family. Yes I know that our patients had their own families and friends. But we tried to treat them as our family. After our building, and the country, went on lock down, not all the employees… Continue reading Another Way Home