Arriving At A New Location

My first new location was around six hours from my house. I drove my car and decided to take my time. I would make a pit stop more than half way there and camp for the night in my car. The drive was scenic and peaceful. I came over a hill and seen these huge… Continue reading Arriving At A New Location


To Loss

Some of us become adults, within our closest relationships. It’s soft tension bent our attitudes, they framed our values. No one knows the weight of our love, until it’s release. Then tomorrow the sun rises and then sets, and then tomorrow and then tomorrow. Day by day you still go on, but it’s a different… Continue reading To Loss


Watercolors And My Journal

I started watercolors when Covid started because I needed to get some of what I was feeling out. It helped me get through some pretty dark days. I'm not a great artist but it made my emotions more manageable. I have posted just a few pages from a few journals. Hope you enjoy and have… Continue reading Watercolors And My Journal

Home Page

Welcome To

  Welcome to This blog is dedicated to all the healthcare workers that spend more than their fair share of Holiday’s, Birthday’s, Christmas’s, Thanksgiving’s, and many more special occasions taking care of other people’s family members and away from their families. You guys are needed more than you know. I am sharing on this… Continue reading Welcome To