What Is This, Please?

What is this? Not a star or a star? I posted this video because it shows how far away the object is and the gate is a back gate if the hospital. This video it looks like it is moving but it’s just my hand shacking. I’m outside on my break at work and notice… Continue reading What Is This, Please?



I just wanted to share some pictures that I have taken over the last month. Just some sunsets and scenes that I captured. Hope you will enjoy. Lunch Breaks Dinner at Dusk Dusk Drifting Breaks Post Night time snack Windmills   ALL NAMED ON THIS PAGE OR ANY PAGE ASSOCIATED WITH THAT-NURSE-PATTY.COM OR CALLMENURSEPATTY.HOM.BLOG HAVE… Continue reading Pictures


Gadgets You Got To Get For Your Car

  Ok guys keeping it real, I got to pay the bills. So I’m a huge fan of Amazon and even if I didn’t do affiliate links I still would shop there weekly. I have not gotten as many packages as I use to so I’m getting better at management of my funds. That being… Continue reading Gadgets You Got To Get For Your Car


Arriving At A New Location

My first new location was around six hours from my house. I drove my car and decided to take my time. I would make a pit stop more than half way there and camp for the night in my car. The drive was scenic and peaceful. I came over a hill and seen these huge… Continue reading Arriving At A New Location


Travel Nursing

My First Contract My first contract as a travel nurse is for thirteen weeks. It’s for twelve hours shifts at a hospital. It’s over six hours from my house which I really don’t think that’s too bad. I have decided to go a day early and stop to see an attraction before I do my… Continue reading Travel Nursing

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Monday Grind

So tomorrow I going to look for a camper van/camper trailer. I need something that I can either pull with my SUV or a class B motor home. Those are my preferred choices. I’m nervous due to the fact that I have never lived outside of Texas and the unknown of travel nursing. If anyone… Continue reading Monday Grind